Arizona Department of Health Services

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) promotes the health of Arizona’s children and adults.

The Department’s broad mission encompasses behavioral health, disease prevention and control, health promotion, community public health, environmental health, maternal and child health, and emergency preparedness.

By statute, a representative of ADHS serves on the Governor’s Council.

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ADHS Office of Injury and violence Prevention

The ADHS Office of Injury and Violence Prevention coordinates and builds state infrastructure for community injury prevention. Under the Office of Injury Prevention, there are several focus areas: Injury Prevention Advisory Council, Child Fatality Review, Drowning Prevention, Drug Overdose Fatality Review, Prescription Drugs, Safe Sleep, Safe Kids Arizona, and Opioid Response. For additional information, resources, and fact sheets visit ADHS Reports & Fact Sheets to view those documents.

Do you need more facts about common injuries and how to prevent them?

You can find information about injury prevention at the ADHS Injury Prevention Homepage.

The ADHS Office of Injury and Violence Prevention and the Arizona Governor’s Council on Spinal and Head Injuries partner to bring together a collaborative group of individuals in the Injury Prevention Advisory Council (IPAC).

Injury Prevention is a systematic effort to reduce deaths and injuries from intentional and unintentional events such as motor vehicle crashes, poisoning, falls, drowning, shooting, burns, assault, and self-harm. The program provides focus, works to reduce duplication of effort, and seeks to improve the use of existing resources. The Injury Prevention Advisory Council (IPAC) is responsible for:

1. Identifying injury problems and the specific needs for injury prevention programs, policies, and services within the state
2. Keeping abreast of developments within the field of injury prevention and sharing with others
3. Understanding where injury prevention fits into what other agencies are doing and serving as a coordinating force that brings different players to the table
4. Building a solid constituency for injury prevention activities within the state. 

Interested in joining IPAC please contact Yomy Diaz at

IPAC meets three (3) times a year online.

ADHS Programs

Arizona Department of Health Services offers a variety of programs and services to Arizona residents. Listed below are the different divisions under ADHS with links to each webpage. 

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Public Health Licensing Division

Planning & Operations Division

Public Health Preparedness Division

Public Health Prevention Division

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