Your Child's Brain

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When Your Child's Head Has Been Hurt

This card lists some common signs that your child may have a mild brain injury. It also gives information on what to do if you notice these signs after your child's head has been hurt.


Cuando su Hijo (a) se ha Lastimado la Cabeza

Esta tarjeta enumera algunos signos comunes de que su niño puede haber sufrido un daño cerebral. También contiene información sobre qué hacer si usted nota estos signos después de que su hijo(a) se ha lastimado su cabeza.

Spanish version of "When Your Child's Head Has Been Hurt.”


Building the Brain's "Air Traffic Control System"

From the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child a guide on how early childhood experiences shape development of executive function. 


Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children

 A practical guide of activities to help enhance executive functions in children from infancy through adolescence. 


Building the Skills Adults Need for Life

 A practical guide for practitioners on how to build the core skills adults will need for life. 


Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning

A brief summary from the Center on the Developing Child from Harvard University on executive function: skills needed for life and learning. 


Executive Function Support by Parents

A guide for parents on how to support executive function skills in children. 


Understanding Brain Injury

Mayo Clinic - Understanding Brain Injury - A guide for parents. 


Assistive Technology - A Parents Guide

A guide for parents on assistive technology and how it can support your child with a disability. 


5 Steps for Brain Building - Serve and Return

A 5 step guide for parents/guardians to practice serve and return with their children. 


8 Things to Remember About Child Development

From the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University these are the 8 things to know and remember about early childhood development. 


Inbrief: The Science of Early Childhood Development

A brief summary of the science of early childhood development from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.