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Did You Know?


Check Out Our Local Community Partners!

The Governor's Council teams up with local organizations and partners to help raise awareness and educate the public on brain injury, neuro-impaiment, and spinal cord injury. 

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona is hosting virtual events every month to help support survivors, family members, and professionals! Their 2021 Survivor Virtual Art Exhibit Gala featuring artists from across Arizona is still up on the website! Check it out. 

We're Moving Forward has in person and virtual events every month! PLUS they are hosting their annual Social Bowl Fundraiser RIGHT NOW! Check out their site for additional information. 

Dr. Susan Wolf with Empowerment Research has virtual training courses for free to the community on brain injury and neuro-impairment. Check out the Registration Page for more information and details. 

 Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association is hosting in person and virtual events every month to consumers, family, and friends. Check out their website for more information and how to register. 

BIAAZ Special Event!


2021 Rays of Hope Survivor & Family Conference!

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona is hosting the 2021 Rays of Hope Conference on May 25th, 2021 from 10:amm-4:00pm. This year the conference will be held virtually for survivors and their family members! 

Conference is FREE. There will be two sessions with a two hour break inbetween. Registration is required to attend.


If you have questions about the event please call the office at 602-508-8024 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.