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Qualifications for Appointment to the Council

The seats on the Council are designated for individuals who meet the specific criteria for each position described below:

Survivor/Family positions (5 seats)

Definition: Persons who have sustained a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, and/or the spouse, parent or guardian of such a person.

Physician positions (4 seats)

Definition: Physicians who represent the professional community of spinal or head injury medical and/or rehabilitation treatment.

Allied Health positions (4 seats)

Definition: Allied health professionals and/or administrators of spinal or head injury programs.

General Public positions (3 seats)

Definition: Persons who do not meet the other criteria but who have a significant connection to the community of people living with traumatic brain and/or spinal cord injuries (examples: an attorney who represents the needs of people with brain and/or spinal cord injuries; an educator whose work includes students with such injuries; a professional and/or administrator of a public human services program that serves people with such injuries).

Please Note:

When you apply for appointment to the Council, be sure to communicate which qualification(s) you meet at the top of your resume. Examples: “I am a person with a spinal cord injury” OR “I am the spouse of a person with a traumatic brain injury” OR “I am a physician (neurologist) who treats patients with injuries to the brain and/or spinal cord” OR “I am an allied health provider (speech-language pathologist) who treats patients with traumatic brain injuries.” Meeting these qualifications does not guarantee appointment.

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